Saturday, August 11, 2007


We seem to be stuck on Groundhog's day, every day the same as the one before. We are planning for our relief to arrive soon, and it is nice to be thinking about home (as in 'I'm going home'). we do have a little while yet until that happens, but just planning for it is a nice feeling.

A couple days ago we had several Marines arrive after their vehicle was hit by an IED, most were ok, a couple went to the OR, and one required a nurse to fly with him after the surgery. Many of our staff didn't get any sleep that night. We have been getting injured into our facility much more often than what I mention here, keep in mind that there are several nurses that are in the flight rotation, so for every flight that I go on, there have been several other nurse flights in between.

I am amazed at the night time skies out here. There is hardly ever a cloud in the sky, and it makes for an incredible night time view of the stars. Even in the farmlands of Wisconsin, I do not think I have ever seen such a clear view of the stars.

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