Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Read Some of These Links

A couple weeks ago, we were visted by a journalist for several days named Leslie Sabbagh. She writes for a couple magazines, including Popular Mechanics and The Christian Science Monitor. Here are some links and notes about some of her online posts...

This is her blog (CLICK ME) for Popular Mechanics...

This is the entry for TQ Surgical she wrote(CLICK ME), it is worth noting that the two Corpsmen she quotes are both staff from Great Lakes, HM3 Ramirez is on his 3rd deployment to Iraq, and HM3 Smith is my cohort with teaching the EMT class here.

This is a link (CLICK ME) to an excellent article she wrote about the Army medics that we fly with. It is about their flying to point of injury missions, not the interfacility flights they do with us.

Here is her homepage (CLICK ME)

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