Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Closer to the End

We are coming close to the end of our time out here, but it has been a busy week anyway. A couple of notes regarding what we have been seeing (not all-inclusive by any means)

  • An Iraqi woman was flown out with one of our nurses after being shot in the chest. Turns out the Bad Guys broke into her house, killed her 4 children, and shot her in retaliation for something they felt her husband did.
  • A long night started with 3 Marines whose vehicle was hit by and IED came in, 2 with minor shrapnel injuries and the other required surgery and a flight nurse transport. A 4th in the vehicle did not make it to us. This was immediately followed by a group of 5 Marines, also in a vehicle hit by an IED. All with injuries not requiring a visit to the OR or a flight nurse, but all did fly to a higher level medical facility after initial treatment here. We wrapped up the night around 0430.
  • I found out that one of the Army soldiers in the recent blackhawk crash that killed 14 service members was an alumnus of my high school, the first alumnus to die in Iraq from our school.

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