Sunday, June 17, 2007

12th Flight

Had my 12th flight this morning, a Marine with injuries from and IED. Flight was smooth, rode in a CH-46, which was unusual since most night flights are done in the Blackhawks. Nice to have the extra room.
This was an interesting night (Saturday). Started late, with a TCN (third country national- not Iraqi or American) female who realized she was pregnant as the 1st of 2 children arrived. Regretfully, they were way too premature, and neither were able to survive. At the same time, 2 Marines that were injured by an IED arrived, one with severe (as severe as you can get) leg injuries, and the other with general shrapnel wounds. Both made it through surgery and will make it. Then another patient arrived (I'm going to be purposefully even more vague on this one), who received surgery and joined the 2 Marines and the mother in being flown out in multiple aircraft. Just like that, 3 nurse flights, and one really long night.
I wonder if we will look back as this night being the beginning of our summer surge in business?

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