Thursday, June 07, 2007

11th Flight

Finally had another flight! Total of 18 days since the last one.
I flew with a Marine with significant injuries, but relatively (relative to what!! - apparently relative to almost dead) stable. The flight was smooth, all issues encountered were easily dealt with. A general directive was passed on to me recently that discouraged being too descriptive about the injuries we talk about on the blogs, so I'll do my best to follow that. I haven't exactly been overly descriptive so far, but will try to generalize more...
It is truly a joy working with the Army flight crews, all but 2 of my flights have been with them in the Blackhawks. Last night's flight was with the Medic from my very first flight, and I am continually amazed by their skills and knowledge. When not carting a nurse around to manage our (relatively) stabilized Patients (usually post-operating room), these are the men and women that are flying to point of injury, into hostile areas, to pick up the patient and stabilize before they ever even get to us.
It is no secret that this last month+ has been slow, and it sounds like traditionally over the last couple years that has been true, but never this slow. For that we are thankful. We also realize that traditionally, the next couple months are much busier compared to the rest of the year. We will see how that goes...

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