Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not Just Humans….

We care for working dogs here, they hold rank, just like the rest of us, and they receive the same care we do. If needed, we will take them into the OR to provide any care we can. This was a particularly tragic situation, as the Marine handler and the dog were both the victim of an IED, the dog was the only one to survive. The blood on the ground is from our furry patient, the bandage over the muzzle is for injuries, not as a muzzle. Canines are used in many roles here, from security to sniffing out IEDs/bombs to keep the rest of the unit safe.


Anonymous said...

Lex has been adopted out to the family of his fallen handler.

Anonymous said...

Our son, USMC Cpl Dustin J Lee MWD Handler may have not made it back but his love, best friend and companion did. Thank you for taking great care of Lex. We see and feel the spirit of Dustin in him each second as the days pass. God Bless you for what you continue to do. You are all Heroes.
With support and love from the Lee Family.