Thursday, March 29, 2007

4th Flight (Or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...)

Had my 4th flight last night, an Iraqi with a messed up leg and hand from a bomb. Took him to Al-Assad (Army hospital Level III), the first nurse from our group to go to their new facility. Normally the helicopter that takes us to the hospital brings us back, not this time. Due to an oversight in paperwork (that no one knew we had to do anyways), a return trip was not officially requested, so it was not provided (Go Army!!). After 6 hours, 3 military bases, a ride in an ATV, SUV, Pick-up truck, CH-46 and CH-60 helicopter, I made it back to my room at 2AM. Originally they were going to have me stay overnight and fly back the next night, but through cajoling, bullying, and several helpful people, I made it back the same night. Patient was fine, no problems.

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