Saturday, February 24, 2007

Not Quite There Yet...

Well, we just got the word that our flight was cancelled. Unsure when we'll go, but I'm pretty sure they haven't called off the war yet. We could leave at 0200 tomorrow, or Tuesday. No way to know until they tell us. Until then, we are all trying to find ways to entertain ourselves. Lots of video games. We really can't go anywhere, as you can not wear cami's off base, and we all packed our civilian clothes. I am hesitant to open one of my two seabags as they are a masterpiece of packing, the equivalent of 10 pounds of junk squeezed into a 5 pound bag. Most people had to use 3 seabags to get all their stuff in, I did it in 2. Small victories. I'll have more pictures as we go on from here, haven't really gotten in the habit yet.
I hope this picture isn't too offensive, but it (smirk) sums up a lot of different concepts.
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